"My child has improved his English with the HSK English classes. He is enjoying the classes, and the atmosphere in the class is supportive and fun for the children to get better at their mother tongue." - Lily Gantscheva

"Our child always looks forward to her English class. She enjoys the classes and she always comes back home with a big smile." - Muala and Beat Weber

"We really appreciate the enthusiasm and energy the teacher puts into each session. She works hard to make this extra school activity fun, yet effective, for all the kids." - Vivienne Schneider

"I'm so happy that my son can read English after only a few weeks and most importantly enjoys going to the classes." - Karen Ellis

"My daughter loves the chance to further her English skills beyond the very limited English level offered for 6th grade in the local Swiss school, and especially the opportunity to hear new reading suggestions from her HSK English teacher, as she is such a bookworm!" - Claire Steers

"My son enjoys reading and doing the various activities in English. This has formalised his English abilities, which prior to the course were mostly verbal and spoken at home." - Joshua Ray

"My daughter's vocabulary and spelling have vastly improved through her lessons. She is inspired by the interesting themes running through the courses and she has gained so much confidence in her abilities to read and write. HSK English is one of the extracurricular activities that she most looks forward to in the week." - Kirstie Meldrum