General Information about HSK English Classes

HSK English classes are designed to be fun, engaging and educational.  Our students learn to express themselves in English in a range of different ways, through oral activities, story-telling, and a full range of writing, reading and other activities.  Our aim is to broaden their experience of English and to develop their awareness of the subtleties of language.  We encourage our students to share their own interests when deciding on the content of the classes, and we place great emphasis on authentic communication.

Classes & Age-applicability

4+ Classes

For children in kindergarten years 1 and 2. Play-based learning with an emphasis on child-led activities. A whole-language approach to literacy based on authentic communication. Phonics (letter-sound learning) and simple reading and writing activities.   

6+ Classes

For children in primary school grades 1 to 3. A strong focus on developing good reading and writing skills and expanding vocabulary and expression. Analysis and creation of more complex oral language and written text, with an emerging awareness of how language is influenced by the cultural context. 

8+ Classes

For children in primary school grades 3 to 6. A strong focus on further developing reading and writing skills, good grammar, spelling and advanced vocabulary. Development of critical approaches to text and language, with increasing awareness of the way culture is embedded in narratives. 

We keep a lending library of age-appropriate books in each of our classrooms and all students are encouraged to take a book home to read each week.


HSK English courses run for two semesters per school year. The first semester in the 2023-2024 school year commences on 4th September 2023, and runs for 12 weeks.  The second semester commences on 15th January 2024, and runs for 15 weeks. Courses follow the holiday schedule of the local school calendar. Classes meet once per week for two hours (2x50 minute sessions with a break in-between). 


HSK English is a not-for-profit organisation; teachers are remunerated appropriately, to attract and retain best talent. The Board consists wholly of volunteers. Costs are budgeted per semester for a class of 7-12 children with the following cost structure:

In order to attend HSK English courses, you also need to be a member of the HSK English Association. The annual fee for this is CHF 50 (payable once annually per family, regardless of how many children you wish to sign up for our courses). The Association membership year runs from August 1st. This fee will be added to your bill for classes in the first semester.